Gerichtliche Medizin

The  Diagnostic and Research Institute of Forensic Medicine is part of the Diagnostic and Research Center of Molecular BioMedicine. Institute staff are concerned with forensic medical examinations and forensic autopsies including the required histological analysis. They analyze and document the findings and create reports. Forensic scientists are always called upon when deaths of non-natural causes need clarification. In this case, forensic scientists are responsible for inspecting the corpse, conducting autopsies and exploring the presumed causes of death.

Sarah Heinze

"We see ourselves as the indispensable interface between the legal and medical systems—wherever criminal acts are accompanied by injuries or even lead to death, forensic medical analysis can make a considerable contribution to clarifying the facts of the case."

Sarah Heinze, Head of Institute


Universitätsplatz 4, Second Floor, 8010 Graz 
T: +43 316 385 73121
F: +43 316 385 79655